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a crisis in cognition | Tributaries & Text-Fed Streams

In his essay, Artifice And Intelligence: New Writing, New Technologies Andrew Klobucar writes:

To understand writing as a mode of transliteration, “to designate,” in Derrida’s words, “the signifier of the signifier,” is to invoke automatically, however briefly, a crisis in cognition. Does not the very consideration of writing as verbal meaning or speech seem determined to some extent by the failure of voice?

Writing is hard. There is always a disparity between what we think, what we say, and what we are able to write. In Writing and Difference Derrida describes writing as: “displaced on the broken line between lost and promised speech.” I keep this quotation from novelist Rose Tremaine tapped to the wall above my desk:

Irene left a note on his kitchen table. The spelling was weak and Irene, examining her note, marveled at how difficult writing things down was compared to saying them. Saying something was as easy as laughing; writing caused you grief, as though you were mourning somebody who had abandoned you too soon.


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  1. michael boyce on January 28, 2008 1:47 am

    between one thing and another, when they are between each other, then they are at anytime thought to be the same or different or leading to each other, like translation, which is itself always between and slipping between anything and making anything thereby seem to be between. there is writing and there is speaking but saying what and writing what is always when there is really either of those things. writing, walking, speaking and breathing can all be like something, and because they can, they can then be like nature and/or the mind. anything thus could be easy as laughter or water, or hard as anything you do not wish to do, or as solid crashing crunching things.

    does writing and or speaking need anything?

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